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Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to our website. While nothing can replace thing on-the-lot experience.


Arabeity.com is the best online solution, where sellers can offer Cars and services to users online without intermediaries. A leading classified platform where buyers can browse a wide variety of Cars and services. Arabeity allows the seller to enter all kind of filters and descriptions, as well as uploading multiple pictures for the cars. The buyers on the other hand can use the filters to search for the exact make, model, price and any other filter they wish to use. Through trusted expert content, thousands of new and used vehicle listings and a comprehensive set of research tools, Arabeity helps shoppers to buy and sell their vehicles.


We go through extensive factory training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.

  • Stress-free finance department.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • 350 offers on site, trusted by a community.
  • Maintain your car to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services.